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TommieMedia Staff

Grace Pastoor, Director – 952-913-1784 past6138@stthomas.edu

Theresa Bourke, Production Editor – 715-370-6707 bour5445@stthomas.edu

Simeon Lancaster, Assignment Editor – 612-810-0981 lanc4637@stthomas.edu

Maggie Galush, Social Media Manager – 630-945-4041 galu4673@stthomas.edu

Elena Neuzil, Chief Story Editor – 651-955-6027 neuz3833@stthomas.edu

Olivia Wright, Ad and PR Director – 612-655-4144 smit2670@stthomas.edu


Jenna Gale, Advertising Manager – gale0695@stthomas.edu

Abigail Golebiowski, Web Manager – gole3015@stthomas.edu

Kari Johnson, Creative Design Manager – john7142@stthomas.edu

Jesse Krull, Sports Editor – krul7386@stthomas.edu

Andrew Brinkmann, Chief Video Editor – brink0060@stthomas.edu

Allison Mathias, Business Manager – math4000@stthomas.edu

Johannah Saari, Public Relations Manager – saar6366@stthomas.edu

Carlee Hackl, Chief Photo Editor – hack9822@stthomas.edu

Lauren Andrego, Chief Studio Producer, Broadcast Manager – andr0090@stthomas.edu

Jeffrey Langan, Opinions Editor – lang5466@stthomas.edu

Staff Reporters

Sophie Carson – cars0017@stthomas.edu

Claire Noack – noac8702@stthomas.edu

Maya Shelton-Davies – shel1181@stthomas.edu

Joey Geske – gesk8583@stthomas.edu

Noura Elmanssy – elma7206@stthomas.edu

Marissa Groechel – groe2878@stthomas.edu

Adam Kraft – adam.kraft@stthomas.edu

Meghan Meints – mein9517@stthomas.edu

Carolyn Meyer – cameyer@stthomas.edu

Taylor Smith – smit9660@stthomas.edu

Emily Sweeney – swee4225@stthomas.edu

Samantha Yang – yang6578@stthomas.edu


Letizia Mariani – mari8259@stthomas.edu


Sunita Dharod – dhar3490@stthomas.edu

Natalie Hall – hall0224@stthomas.edu

Meghan Vosbeek – vosb0005@stthomas.edu

Creative Design Staff

Jordan McCauley – mcca5667@stthomas.edu

Kelly Olson – olso7657@stthomas.edu

Advertising Sales Staff

Jordan Nead – nead9975@stthomas.edu

Brittney Harvin – harv5077@stthomas.edu

Zach Lang – lang6042@stthomas.edu

Taylor Rezac – reza0009@stthomas.edu

Public Relations Associates

Courtney Grunewald – grun2878@stthomas.edu

Lindsey Chapman – chap0072@stthomas.edu

Willie Faust – faus5612@stthomas.edu

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