Tommie Spotlight: Katy Scherer

By , Reporter  |  Sunday, October 20, 2013 10:02 PM

The beginning of any season has its challenges, but for forward Katy Scherer, this season is all about a comeback.

“The first couple months of the season were kind of a struggle … but now I think I’m back to my old self,” Scherer said.

The senior is back in the women’s soccer lineup for the first time since last September when she tore her ACL, forcing Scherer to end her junior season early. Coach Sheila McGill said Scherer brings something special to the field.

“As a leader, she is one of the players who everybody looks to,” Scherer said. “When she’s on fire, when her work grade is making differences in a game, everybody else raises their level of play at the same time.”

Scherer and defender Stephanie McCartan both scored in a 2-1 upset against St. Benedict in early October. McCartan said she’s glad to have her long-time college teammate by her side again.

“This girl’s found her fire, and she tore it up against St. Ben’s the other day. We’ve been playing together the last three years, and this will be it,” McCartan said. “We’re excited to win and put some goals in the back of the net together.”

The Tommies are in contention for a post-season berth for the first time since Scherer’s freshman year.

“As a team dynamic, I think it’s been great. The team gets along fantastic,” McGill said.

McGill said losing Scherer’s talent was noticeable.

“To be honest, (losing) Katy was a difficult one for us because she’s such a great goal-scorer for us and a leader on the team,” McGill said. “So to have her coming back this year … she’s really starting to gain momentum.”

McCartan said although returning from this setback was difficult, Scherer’s hard work paid off.

“I saw the struggle. It was a huge challenge for her, but she did it,” McCartan said. “She rehabbed like no other, and she’s back.”

Most of all, Scherer said she’s grateful to be back on the field.

“I’ve learned to appreciate practices, games, fitness, film. I’ve learned to appreciate it all, and I’m glad I did because I think that changed the way I’m looking at my senior year,” Scherer said.

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