Brady residents drawing up some comic adventures

Through their Facebook page, three Brady Hall residents have gained popularity with their new comic “Toast n’ Squid: Adventures in Toastworld.”

Sophomores Adam Lucking, Christian Schuster and Garrett Welshons began producing their comic late last semester. Lucking and Schuster are credited as illustrators, while Welshons is the producer. The comic is based on rough sketches that eventually turned into a full-length story.

“They were just doodles I had,” Schuster said. “Adam saw it, and we kind of ran with it and made it way better.”

Once the drawings were perfected, the story of Toast and Squid developed. The comic’s story line is best described as a random adventure.

“It’s a light-hearted, but not childish, action-packed story about the development of two friends,” Schuster said.

The comic’s vivid illustrations drive the story of the two characters. Each drawing is highlighted with humor that guides the story.

“It’s meant to be fun to look at first and foremost,” Lucking said. “ We throw jokes in there to try and make it funny.”

The misadventures of Toast and Squid have been the first serious venture into comics for all three creators. Welshons said this comic is the first he has done. Although their work has developed a following, Schuster plans on keeping the comic a hobby.

“The things you really enjoy and your work should be separate,” Schuster said.

Lucking and Welshons have other plans, which may include artistic careers.

“If I could make a career out of doing art, I would,” Lucking said.

With the success of “Toast n’ Squid: Adventures in Toastworld” rising, new ideas have started to emerge. Followers of the original comic may see fresh material in the near future. Reluctant to provide too many details, though, the creators shared only a small hint.

“There may be zombies in the future,” Schuster said.

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