PULSE, Dance Club perform ‘tAG tEAM {for life}’

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The St. Thomas Dance Club and PULSE partnered to present “tAG tEAM {for life}” Tuesday, April 5, in the Brady Educational Center auditorium.

The show combined a variety of dance styles and included songs ranging from pop to hip-hop to techno. It provided the dancers with an opportunity to look past differences and stereotypes and come together as a unified group of students who love to
dance, according to the program.

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The performances combined a variety of dance styles, including songs ranging from pop to hip-hop to techno.

After seeing the show, freshman Paige Johnson said she liked how the two clubs worked together to put on a great show and display St. Thomas talent.

“I had friends in the show so I could see them portray their talent, and that was really fun,” Johnson said.

During intermission, executive board members of Dance Club and PULSE asked for two volunteers from the audience. After being chosen, sophomores Elliot Huss and Patag Xiong competed in a 30-second dance-off for an iPod shuffle.

Xiong, a St. Catherine University student, won the dance-off, but Huss received a gift card to the bookstore as a consolation prize.

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