Students get creative with Halloween costumes

Some St. Thomas students are going all out for their Halloween costumes this year.

Seniors Paul Milner and Katelyn Childs based their costume idea on an inside joke.

“That’s why we’re doing it,” Childs said. “There is this really bad YouTube video that’s really funny.”

Milner and Childs used felt to create hats so they could look like the Pokémon characters called Mudkips. The rest of the costume is composed of blue shirts, pants or leggings and shoes.

“Given the nature of the beast, we couldn’t really find any costumes to buy,” Milner said. “We got the idea to make the hats from someone online who had made them and tried to sell them.”

Childs said they were originally going to paint their faces blue but changed their minds.

“We got the idea to just make the hats that look like the Mudkips,” Childs said. “The hats will be the focal point of the costume.”

Sophomore Kesha Berg created her costume as well. She decided to be a cave woman and created an off-the-shoulder dress made of leopard fabric and accessorized with a bone necklace and a bone hair clip.

“I think that store-bought Halloween costumes are overpriced and cheaply made, so I thought it would be more fun to make my own costume and really personalize it,” Berg said.

Junior Maggie Wilhelmy created her Amelia Earhart costume from clothing she and a friend had on hand.

“I did my entire costume for $10 by going to Savers or using what I already had,” Wilhelmy said.

Senior Julia Reinisch and sophomore David Lacroix plan to dress up as Yip Yips, alien characters from Sesame Street. They created their costumes from large pieces of colored fabric and Styrofoam. Senior Dan Petranek created a costume based on the Whomping Willow in the Harry Potter series using an oversized long-sleeved shirt and fabric remnants.

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