Take Five: Best finals week distractions

Students in the library seem extra grumpy. My time spent surfing the Web has quadrupled. Professors keep talking about deadlines. Even my mom is calling to make sure I’m getting all my schoolwork done.

This all can only mean one thing – finals week is approaching.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but the idea of four straight days of cramming for end of the semester exams isn’t exactly appealing. So, I’ve compiled a list of ways to enjoy your time during finals. Whether you’re procrastinating, taking a study break or just looking for a distraction, give one of these suggestions a try.

1. Monopoly anyone?

There’s no better way to put off studying than starting a board game that lasts at least a good three hours. Plus, trash-talking your railroad-owning opponents is a great outlet for all that built up frustration. So put down the textbooks, sort the property and start divvying up the money. Even if you hang in there, pull off a victory and fail all your finals because of it, you can always just switch to a business major. That can’t be much harder than Monopoly.

2. Facebook “breakdown”

Since you’re already on a computer looking at PowerPoint slides and doing research, you might as well hop on Facebook. Who knows what kind of crucial status updates you may have missed since you were last on five minutes ago. Instead of just creeping, though, stage a fake breakdown. Change your picture, scrap your info, maybe even mess with your name. Facebook is pretty much a joke already. Might as well have some fun and see how well your “friends” really know what’s going on in your life.

3. Television catch-up

Who can keep up with television nowadays? Every week it seems like there’s a new show premiering and that’s just on network TV. But that’s no excuse to pack your bags and head back to the library. Instead, you should dedicate the time you used to spend attending class to discovering a series you might have missed. Lots of great shows like “Lost” and “Nip/Tuck” will be airing new episodes in 2010. If you start now, you just might be able to catch up in time.

4. Prank calls

When caller ID was invented, we lost a great art form – the prank call. Gone are the days when you hear the phone ring, say hello and get hit with a classic one liner or maybe even something more elaborate, like an Arnold Schwarzenegger sound bite. Used to be, you and your bored friends could fill a whole evening sidesplitting laughter with just a phone and some wit. Who better to work on reviving such classic, teenage debauchery than a college student craving a break?

5. Snow sculptures

You shouldn’t be the only one benefiting from your inability to focus during finals week. Instead, give everybody else something to enjoy on their way through campus next week. St. Thomas got pounded with snow yesterday and now that frozen, white plaster is waiting to be sculpted. What if you brought some of the Minneapolis sculpture garden’s beauty to the Lower Quad? Even a well-built, classic snow person could help lift your colleagues’ spirits.

Grant Goerke can be reached at gdgoerke@stthomas.edu.

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  1. “Even if you hang in there, pull off a victory and fail all your finals because of it, you can always just switch to a business major. That can’t be much harder than Monopoly.”

    Well said, good sir.

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