The wait is over: Anderson Student Center opens

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By Hannah Anderson

The wait is finally over. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, the St. Thomas community was officially welcomed through the doors of the Anderson Student Center for the first time.

Hundreds of students and faculty filled the building, and many said that the wait was worth it.

“I have been anticipating this for a very long time,” freshman Jill Haugen said. “It’s huge.”

“It’s very big, spacious,” freshman Joseph Nelson said. “First class definitely.”

For many of the first time visitors, the dining venues stood out. By 12:30 p.m., the line at Scooter’s ran outside the door.

“It’s exciting to open up to everyone before the spring starts, to get a feel about how the students are enjoying the new area,” Scooter’s cook Tom Herschbach said.

Food specials for the opening included a BBQ chicken wrap, blue cheese burger and sweet potato pancakes. The Loft on the top floor also handed out free smoothie and coffee samples for students and staff to enjoy.

“The most popular smoothie favorite… is the Blue Moon,” sophomore Adam Riess said.

The only dining venue that is not open is The View, which will open its doors Jan. 23. However, the community is still allowed to tour the area.

“I don’t think the menu in The View has changed, but the food is fresher,” junior Elizabeth Tang said.

For entertainment, students can enjoy free bowling and shoe rental in the lower-level bowling center this week, or they can play video games in ’85, the gaming space on the first floor.

“With a $50,000 sound system, we will be jamming down here,” Bowling and Recreation manager Nathan Tysk said.

Starting spring semester, bowling for students will cost $15 per hour.

The student center festivities will last all week, and for those interested in tours, they will leave every half hour from Tommie Central on the first floor.

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