Didn’t get Twins tickets? STAR will sell more

St. Thomas students who weren’t able to score Twins tickets from the Box Office Monday, April 4, will have another swing at it when St. Thomas Activities and Recreation begins selling tickets at noon Wednesday.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 382 students had responded that they were “attending” STAR’s Facebook event for ticket sales. There is a one-ticket limit placed on each student. STAR plans to sell about 200 total tickets to five games for $5 each using a new online ticket sales system.

“The system can process more purchases than the Box Office could,” said Matt Gustafson, STAR adviser and Campus Life associate director. “Some games will probably sell out faster than others.”

STAR can sell tickets cheaply because the organization is funded through student activity fees, said Kerri Roesner, Box Office manager.

“[The Box Office] sells [tickets] based on what we pay for them,” Roesner said. “STAR’s are only for students, and ours are for faculty, staff and students.”

Gustafson said STAR paid between $23 and $29 for tickets, which was the same price the Box Office sold its tickets for on Monday. The Box Office put a six-ticket limit on each person, but sophomore Adam Anderson said he doesn’t mind STAR’s one-ticket limit.

“I think that there are going to be a lot of people trying to get tickets,” he said. “It makes it easier for everyone who really wants to go to get one, so more people can get one rather than a few people buying up multiple tickets.”

Sophomore Jaycee Nelson was less enthused.

“It kind of stinks a little,” she said. “But I think that it can help more people get them.”

Gustafson said students who purchase tickets from STAR have to ride university-provided transportation and won’t get their tickets until the day of the game. Tickets will be sold for the April 10 game against the Oakland Athletics, April 26, 27 and 28 games against the Tampa Bay Rays, and the May 10 game against the Detroit Tigers, according to STAR.

Gina Dolski and Maggie Clemensen contributed to this report.

Jordan Osterman can be reached at jrosterman@stthomas.edu