Party buses to put more purple in Clemens Stadium

Just because St. John’s is an hour-and-a-half away from St. Thomas’ St. Paul campus, the distance won’t stop many students from making the trip to cheer on the Tommies.

Senior Lauren Torres and her roommates decided to organize transportation. Torres and 30 friends will be bused from St. Thomas to the game Saturday and return that evening.

“This is our last year,” Torres said. “I know for a lot of our friends we are way more interested in going to the game only when we can take a party bus up there.”

Several students organized buses to take groups to St. John’s, but those student organizers declined to be interviewed.

Campus Life Associate Director Matt Gustafson said that there are no Campus Life-sponsored resources to get to the game.

“We hope those students who do make the trip travel safely and have an enjoyable time,” Gustafson said. “We also hope they represent themselves and their school well by making responsible decisions.”

Given the college stereotype of drinking before football games, Torres was careful with her advertising. She stressed a strict age limit for all passengers.

“Everyone who is going we know are all seniors and 21,” Torres said. “So we are putting it upon ourselves to make sure no one agreed to go if they are underage.”

The bus company contract also states that the driver has a right to check ID’s to ensure every one is of age.

Senior Molly Hanten had heard about a bus going to the 2007 game at St. John’s but said the price was too high.

“This year I really wanted to go to Tommie-Johnnie, especially as a senior,” Hanten said. “We’re pretty much all taking it so we can have a fun, safe ride up there and back and be with a large group.”

The bus costs about $750 and can fit between 30 and 40 people. Torres hopes to invite 30 guests, making the fee $25 per person and covering tip, tax, gas and alcohol.

St. Thomas takes on St. John’s at 1 p.m., Oct. 17, at Clemens Stadium in Collegeville.

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