Presidential search committee delays recommending candidate

Even though the presidential search committee was working toward recommending a candidate to the Board of Trustees before the holidays, that won’t happen until after the new year. Presidential_Search_SIG

John Morrison, presidential search committee chair, announced the revised timeline in a letter posted on the search’s website Monday. He said the committee hasn’t been experiencing problems, but the interviews have taken more time than expected.

“We are satisfied with our progress and very pleased with the quality of the candidates,” Morrison wrote. “Everything is running smoothly, but scheduling around the holidays has been challenging, and the committee requires additional time to complete our interviews.”

Originally, the search committee said it would determine finalists and maybe have a candidate to recommend by the end of the calendar year.

In November, TommieMedia reported that the university had begun interviewing candidates for the position. Sara Gross Methner, general counsel and chief human resources officer, said the committee was still on track with the timeline.

“I think the committee has been working toward that time frame, but recognizes that some of this is about scheduling,” Gross Methner said. “They want to make sure that they’ve got the best, strongest pool of candidates available and have the strongest pool of finalists available and select the best person, and they’re going to take whatever time they think they need to do it.”

Morrison wrote that the committee still has not decided on the logistics for the finalist interview process.

“We have not yet determined how many candidates will participate in the finalist interview process. We also have not determined the timetable for the finalist interviews, or whether the finalist interviews will include open forums for the entire St. Thomas community,” Morrison wrote.

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