Students receive first doses of H1N1 vaccine

vaccineStudents lined up outside the Tommie Triage Trailer, located behind Brady Hall, at 11 a.m. Monday to receive their H1N1 vaccine.

“I don’t have a car so it’s not like I could get anywhere,” freshman Rose Miron said as she waited in line. “It’s nice that I could just walk over.”

With the first allotment of H1N1 vaccines now on campus, the Student Health Service will offer the vaccine until 4 p.m Monday afternoon. The number of doses is limited and will be offered to students for $10.

The vaccine offered at St. Thomas is the injected version, instead of the nasal spray that has been offered elsewhere.

“I don’t really do well with needles, but I think it’ll be better in the long run,” Miron said. “I have asthma, so if I get H1N1, it could be really dangerous. I feel like getting the vaccine would be safer.”