The Grill, Scooter’s start sustainable programs

In a society focused on green standards, the Grill and Scooter’s lead the way on campus.

Both eateries are introducing new eco-friendly programs. One feature of the new program is that both locations offer reusable mugs and to-go containers.

“The mug is available for $3, and $1 refill for any fountain beverage, in any food service location,” Cash Operations Manager Gayle Lamb said. “We’ve also introduced a reusable to-go container. It’s $5 to join the program.”

The Grill is also using compostable cups and has silverware available instead of the usual plastic ware.

The big change in Scooter’s is the change from Styrofoam plates to plastic plates. Some students like the change.

“I kind of like it because they’re a little bit sturdier,” said sophomore Zack Ulrich. “Like last year I had stuff fall off all the time because they were falling in half.”

Others see positives and negatives to the change.

“I understand why they’re doing it … it’s more eco-friendly instead of wasting plates everyday,” said junior Amanda Davis. “But I mean it made it a lot easier on students to just pick up their plate and throw it away if they were in a hurry and needed to leave.”

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