USG approves clubs, swears in new member

At the Undergraduate Student Government Sunday a new member was sworn in.


Junior Tarkor Zehn was sworn in by President Greg Scharine as the student diversity chair. Zehn beat out one other candidate for the chair.

During the meeting, two clubs were officially approved: Rugby Club and Bowling Club. The Rugby Club experienced a few transgressions about 20 years ago that involved inappropriate behavior. USG believes that the club can now redeem itself and be granted school sponsorship.

In addition to Rugby, USG approved the Bowling Club. The club seeks to attract members “who just want to go bowling and have a good time,” Bowling Club board member senior Lewis Segl said. The club hopes to hold tournaments in the future.

Five clubs requested funds to go on conferences across the country. Pre-law, Foreign Affairs, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Arnold Air Society, and Geology club requested funds for their trips. The largest monetary amount USG can provide for a conference trip is $1,800.

Vice President Mike Orth also discussed plans for the late night breakfast. The breakfast will take place after the homecoming dance and will last from midnight to 2 a.m. and include eggs, sausages, and muffins.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Jessica Root displayed the USG zip-ups for the year, and Freshman Residential Senator Beth Wittery was named council member of the week.

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