USG approves constitutional amendment on budget requests

The St. Thomas Undergraduate Student Government unanimously approved a constitutional amendment Sunday that would allow clubs on probation to submit budget requests to the USG finance committee.

Senior Miracle Vansiea, vice president of finance, said the amendment was proposed to accommodate the more than 15 clubs on probation after a failure to correctly complete required service hours last semester.

“It’s like people from this semester paying for last semester’s mistake,” Vansiea said.  USG

Vansiea said clubs on probation will now be able to apply for an up to $250 budget so that those clubs don’t dissolve.

“It still gives a penalty for being on probation but yet provides those basic club functions like meetings to keep the club going for next year,” Vansiea said.

The council approved the semester’s club budget allocations. Vansiea said some clubs weren’t awarded the entirety of requested budget amount because they asked for money to go toward non-USG approved items.

In other business, the council approved the Fundraising Professionals Association. The club is a local chapter of a the national organization. Student organizations and clubs committee chair Brandon Miranda said the club’s constitution was focused on educating students about career opportunities in non-profits and fundraising.

Quick Response codes, also known as QR codes, were discussed as part of progress on the tommie pride initiative. Sophomore Class Senator Katzie Truso said the codes would be posted in major student hubs like residence halls and the Anderson Student Center and link to a website listing all the upcoming events in that building.

“I feel like everyone wants to get more involved, but they don’t necessarily know how or what’s going on. They find out about a lot of events after the fact,” Truso said.

Truso said USG will work with Information Resources & Technologies to develop the codes and website which she hopes will launch before spring semester.

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  1. Can’t help but cringe at the thought of QR codes being used to promote UST events. What are the chances of students pulling out their phones and scanning a code, in which I’m pretty sure they have to download a QR reader app on their phones, and I doubt most have downloaded it. I’m unsure of its effectiveness, QR codes seem like a fad to me, but I hope USG will track results, and let us know how many scans/hits they get.

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