USG candidates: President

Lukasz Wlosiak-j
Junior Luke Wlosiak

Lukasz Wlosiak, junior
Current position:
International Student Representative
Why he is running: “I firmly believe that our community has outstanding potential. I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that we reach this potential, especially by working together as a team. I am sure we can take on whatever challenges lie ahead, including the increased enrollment and grand opening of the new student center. I am willing to serve as a leader and a role model to the student body, so that we may affirm the true spirit of St. Thomas.”

What he would do if elected: “I would like to work with the administration on the food ordering policy and try to find a new golden mean. I will support environmentally friendly policies, with an emphasis on online access to newspapers to which St. Thomas subscribes. I will do my best to work with the library to improve the library’s operations during finals week. Finally, I will foster discussion with IRT on increasing the bandwidth speed.”

Greg Scharine, junior
Current position:
Vice President of Financial Affairs
Why he is running: “I am running because I feel that after the last few years on USG I am ready to be the president and really lead this organization and represent the student body of St.Thomas. I am an Eagle Scout, been a member of the University of St. Thomas Board of Trustees for the past two

Junior Greg Scharine

years. I have also served as the chairman of the Student Organizations Committee (SOC) as well as the Finance Committee. Over the last three years, I have gained valuable knowledge about St. Thomas, USG, my classmates and friends, but most importantly I have learned how to be a leader in my community. It would be a great honor to be the USG President next year.”

What he would do if elected: “I will work hard to represent all of St. Thomas and its students while staying true to my values and beliefs. I want to make sure that students have their voice heard as all of the final touches on the new student center are finalized next year. I also want to make sure all that St. Thomas has to offer is known and open to all students. I would like to see more clubs and class council activities next year. We only are students at St. Thomas for four years, but the opportunities and experiences we have here at St. Thomas last a lifetime.”

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