USG proposes amendment to its constitution, prepares for university forum

The Undergraduate Student Government proposed a new amendment Sunday night to its constitution that specifically outlines what USG will not fund for clubs and organizations.

The Finance Committee wanted to be more explicit about what USG will not fund, said Greg Scharine, USG vice president for financial affairs.

The constitution previously stated that USG would not fund any exams, but would fund resource books that remain with the student club or organization.

The new amendment extends this, stating USG will not pay for memberships to professional organizations or fund items that will not remain in the group. To ensure this, clubs will have to submit a plan to the finance committee with budget requests about how the resources would “transfer from year to year.”

The amendment also says USG will not fund “shirts, gifts or uniforms for club members.” Clubs cannot use budget allocations to purchase T-shirts for “promotional items.” Clubs and organizations could apply for co-op funding for large events that could be used to buy T-shirts, but the Finance Committee and USG council would both have to approve it.

USG will vote on the amendment at its meeting Sunday, Nov. 21.

USG prepares for university forum Thursday

USG will host its annual university forum during convocation hour Thursday, Nov. 18, in O’Shaughnessy Educational Center. The university forum is an opportunity for students to talk with administrators about issues on campus, said Corey Dahl, USG vice president of public relations.

The forum will begin with a prepared question-and-answer session where top university administrators will answer questions from USG members.

The topics for discussion will include the new purchasing policy, Anderson Student Center, sustainability, the smoke-free initiative, implications of the possible Opus College of Business AACSB accreditation and what the university is doing to ensure quality of programs during the tough economy.

There will also be an open-mic question-and-answer portion at the end of the forum.

New Family Studies Club approved

USG approved a new Family Studies Club (FAST). Junior Calvin Hauser, a family studies major and club representative, said the club would “form a consciousness on campus about family studies.” The club would try to bring family studies professionals on campus.

According to the club’s constitution, FAST would “challenge students to advance the common good and become leaders in the field by learning about becoming moral and ethical family studies professionals, while educating others in our communities about positive family functioning.”

USG passes more club allocations, competition and conference requests

USG approved club budget allocations for the Scuba Club. The club requested $250 and was allocated $250. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers requested and was given $575.

The Arnold Air Society requested funding for a local conclave. The society requested $537.32 and was given $403.

The Foreign Affairs Club requested $5,011.25 for a Model United Nations conference in Chicago and was allocated $1,800.

The club hockey team requested money for a competition in Madison, Wis. The team requested $2,165 and was allocated $1,082.50.

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