Low attendance at sporting events is disappointing

With the women’s basketball team playing tonight in a home NCAA playoff game, I was reminded of an opinions piece that former reporter Brian Woitte wrote last year. Though the article talked about Tommie sports in general, I’m hoping this section from his story will provide some motivation to go out and support the women tonight.     ops logo

Low attendance at sporting events is disappointing

This is a St. Thomas-wide alert. This is a call to action. Stop whatever you are doing and go to a St. Thomas sporting event.

It has been disappointing to see the number of students, or lack thereof, at sporting events this season. I attend almost every game either as a broadcaster or a TommieMedia reporter. I always come to a game imagining a great atmosphere with tons of students, only to be disappointed.

Players feed off a crowd; it gives them energy. So just imagine what the players must be thinking as they come out to warm up in front of no one.

Besides the game against St. John’s this season, there have been many empty seats at men’s basketball games, which is rather confusing. St. Thomas has been ranked in the top 15 nationally this season, and is one of the best basketball teams in the state based on record and ranking. What happened?

During my freshman year, we filled the old Schoenecker arena to the point of explosion. The place would get so loud you could hardly hear the person standing next to you. We used to be one of the most exciting places to play in the MIAC. Now there are entire sections left open.

For women’s basketball games the attendance is embarrassing. The pep band makes up the majority of the student section. The Tommies have been top three in the MIAC all season. This is a talented team, one that will be good for years to come with talented sophomores Taylor Young, Maggie Weiers and Kelly Brandenburg. Even filling up two of the sections in the new Schoenecker Arena would make a difference.

Get to a game and make some noise. I mean some real noise, not just clapping after a good defensive stop or after getting some points. Make Schoenecker Arena as exciting as it used to be.

As Tommies, we have some of the most successful athletic teams in the MIAC. This is the time when we must come together as students to help carry our teams through the playoffs and bring home some national championships.

Brian Woitte can be reached at bmwoitte@stthomas.edu.

5 Replies to “Low attendance at sporting events is disappointing”

  1. Even at the MIAC playoff championship game against Gustavus the fans sucked.  Gustavus had one section filled up and they were killing our fans.  I was working during part of the game and when I would hear a big cheer I naturally thought it was our team scoring since we were at home and we should have the bigger group of fans but it was actually the Gustavus fans that were doing the cheering.  I think the problem is that we have so many sports teams that are tops in the MIAC that it’s hard for people to really get behind just one and get excited about their success since it’s such a normal thing around here.  And I don’t want to sound arrogant but it’s a fact.  Most of our teams have at least a .500 record if not the best record in the MIAC.  Get out to the games and support our teams.

  2. There seems to be lots (well over 50) of student fans at the Tennis matches. They even had studends sitting on the floor and track mats. I heard they had over a hundred at the Men’s and Women’s match against Macalester.

  3. I’ve thought the same thing. I’d also like to suggest that we apply the same thing to our music ensembles. We have ensembles and performers on this campus that are producing some very high quality music…go out and support them! Most of the time, it’s free, too!

  4. Agreed, John. If people enjoy playing a sport, good for them, but I’m not sure how that makes them entitled to our attention.

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