St. Thomas varsity crew team rows into spring season

The St. Thomas varsity crew team is rowing into its spring season.

Fresh off of training in South Carolina over spring break, coaches Vicki Larson and Amber Miller said they were excited to see the team make strides.

“It’s really hard to tell until we really put ourselves on the line in a true race, but the teams we saw at spring break are the teams we know we’re going to be racing the rest of spring,” Larson said.

Junior president Sean Kern said the team has grown from about eight members his freshman year to today’s 23.

“We have a really strong group of athletes, and I think we’re poised to win a couple trophies this spring,” Kern said.

Larson said braving the unpredictable elements is only one of several traits it takes to be a successful rower.

“It takes a mental toughness and a discipline and really a willingness to work hard,” Larson said. “You’re going to find you push yourself past any limits you previously thought you had to know. You get in the best shape of your life.”

Junior Rachel Lee said she is looking forward to competing in the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, which is the largest intercollegiate rowing event in the U.S.

“It’s huge. There’s so much excitement and there’s so many teams, so many boats. It’s in a different city, so it’s always really fun,” Lee said.

Through races, practices and team building events, the group is growing in camaraderie, and Kern believes that’s what makes the experience special.

“We really create a nice community on campus and I love that,” Kern said. “I love being able to see people around and just say ‘hi.’”

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  1. Commenting as a former Tommie rower, I must say, this package turned out fantastic! Good luck at Vails, UST!

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