Tommie Spotlight: Taylor Berg

Senior Taylor Berg has no problem getting up before the sun and going for a run.

That’s because she is a captain of the St. Thomas cross country team and dedicated to leading the team to nationals.

“We haven’t gone as a team since I’ve been here … so I really want our team to make it so that means we need to get top five at regionals this year,” Berg said.

Coach Joe Sweeney said Berg’s drive makes her an essential part of the team.

“It’s just not enough to be doing it by herself,” Sweeney said. “She wants to lead the team and that’s really what she’s all about.”

Senior co-captain Jessie Zwanziger said Berg is a fierce competitor at the end of a race.

“She’s just super dedicated in a race and when you get to like the last mile, there’s no way you want to be against her,” Zwanziger said. “She can just drive it ‘til the end.”

Berg said even if it could improve her time, she would never chop her trademark long, brown hair.

“No way. I have had long hair my entire life,” Berg said.

Zwanziger said she agreed that Berg’s hair is not up for debate.

“She could not live without it. Don’t really know if it would make her faster, but I don’t think she cares,” Zwanziger said.

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