Women’s rugby forms friendships, seeks club status

Some St. Thomas women are hoping to form their own rugby club team. The dedicated rugby players leave campus every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and make their way on foot to the Macalester College football field for practice.

The women meet at junior captain Alisha Berg’s house at 6:30 a.m. to make their 7 a.m. practice with the Macalester club team. Berg made arrangements with Macalester coach Nadine Barten so both teams get the benefit of practicing together.

“They love each other. You know, that’s the glory about rugby, you’ll have that little tiff on the field and that inner border and stuff, but as far as friendships go, this is lifetime,” Barten said.

Barten said the group needs to recruit at least four more players to meet St. Thomas club credentials. Berg hopes to have club status by November and actively compete this spring.

Stephanie Dodd can be reached at dodd0474@stthomas.edu.

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