21 seniors nominated for the Tommie Award, profiles of the candidates

Twenty-one St. Thomas seniors are nominated for the 2011 Tommie Award.

“The nominees for the Tommie Award 2011 are an outstanding representation of the high-caliber students that attend St. Thomas,” said Vern Klobassa, director of student engagement. “The nominees show a strong and diverse commitment to ideals of scholarship, leadership and campus involvement.”

The Tommie Award, formerly known as the “Mr. Tommy Award,” started in 1931. The honor recognizes seniors based on their leadership, service and scholarship at the university. Students were nominated by fellow students, faculty and staff.

Preliminary voting for the Tommie Award will be available online from Dec. 6 to Dec. 9.

Voting is open to all St. Thomas students, faculty and staff. Ballots can only be accessed online with a St. Thomas log-in. All voters will receive an e-mail with voting instructions, Klobassa said.

Three finalists will be announced in December, and the final vote will take place in February.

Profiles of the nominees

Editor’s note: Each nominee was asked the same questions to ensure fairness. Click on the name to view a full profile of the candidate.

Daniel Carr
Corey Dahl
Matthew Deutsch
Kristy Elsen
Daniel Hallman
Scott Hansen
Adam Holmberg
Elliot Huss
Nicholas Kor
Martha McCarthy
Sandra Moran
Clare Naughton
Katie Pauly
Matthew Pazderka
Lindsay Schwab
Paul Solomon
Brett Stone
Katy Sunnarborg
Miles Trump
Laura Wiering
Ann Ziegler

Note: To ensure complete objectivity, Tommie Award nominee and TommieMedia staff member Miles Trump was not involved in the writing or editing of this report.

Theresa Malloy can be reached at mall5754@stthomas.edu.

3 Replies to “21 seniors nominated for the Tommie Award, profiles of the candidates”

  1. Congratulations to all! I’m finally old enough that I know many of the nominees — *all* good people — and it’s not going to be easy picking just a few of them in the preliminary voting.

  2. What is the GPA requirement for nomination? I’m surprised by some very low GPAs being included in this list.

  3. I really didn’t see any GPA’s that I would consider “very low,” and I think if you take a look at the biographies you will notice that each one of these individuals has exceptional acheivements and invovlements that exemplify what it means to be a Tommie. Congratulations to all of the nominees! All are very deserving of the award. 

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